Meet the Tutors

Pillar 5: Community Engagement

Community engagement is critical to ensure that Georgia Southern University’s impact extends far beyond the geographic boundaries of its multiple campuses. That is the beginning statement for the university’s 5th pillar and that is what each tutor with W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group does each day. They impact families in a big way by engaging with k-12th grade students to provide encouragement, mentorship and to promote academic progress.

Fall 2020 Tutors

Summer 2020 Tutors

  • Erielle Billings
  • Joy Oloyede
  • Brittney Brown
  • Dani Kirkland
  • Jadalyn Brooks
  • Justin Linton
  • Tierra Earl
  • Gregory Cooper
  • Saa'e Zion Favors

Spring 2020 Tutors


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